Issue 27 and Volume 1893 14.

CONTROL OF FIRES. IMPORTANT PAPER BY FIRE COMMISSIONER JOHN R. MURPHY OF BOSTON, IN WHICH HE CONSIDERS INSURANCE RATES, RISKS, METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS AND FIRE DEPARTMENT SYSTEMS ABROAD AND IN THIS COUNTRY. PART I. HERE is no way of ascertaining the actual fire losses on property in London. The fire brigade keeps no record. It says that it is not its business to doso. Unlike us, it gives no attention on this point. It is also absolutely impossible to obtain exact figures of the losses of insurance companies for any year or aeries of years. It is the custom of every company (with some exceptions) to publish full particulars of its receipts and loss payments as a whole, at home and abroad ; but no company thinks to make public its experiences in any London district. The reason for this is, that if the experience be an adverse…

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