Boring to a Depth of 6560 Feet.

Issue 27 and Volume 1893 14.

Boring to a Depth of 6560 Feet. The deepest boring of which we have any knowledge up to the present time is at Parvschowitz, in the district of Ribnik in Western Silicia. The depth attained is 6568 feel, and the diameter of the hole is only 2.75 inches. The work has been temporarily stopped in order to lower special thermometers, which have been made with great accuracy, into the hole for the purpose of obtaining the temperature at different depths. The boring will then be resumed and it is hoped that a depth of 8200 feet will be reached. The method of operation is that the Hammersmann tubes are used, great lengths of which can be operated at once. The first tube has a diameter of 11.8 inches and is provided at its lower end with a diamond-cutting edge which acts as a drill. The pipe is then screwed, as…

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