Silver’s Automatic Fire Escape.

Issue 27 and Volume 1893 14.

Silver’s Automatic Fire Escape. Man’s ingenuity cannot be more creditably employed than in providing means for the safety of human life, and none of life’s perils can compare in horror to that of being burnt alive within eyesight but out of handreach of his fellows, and yet such terrible fate is continually befalling many unfortunates. This simple device. Silver’s Automatic Fire Escape, is certainly one of these tangible efforts wherein ingenuity effects the certain rescue of fire imperilled ones. Mr. Silver, the inventor and patentee, has proceeded in a practical manner to have his contrivance subjected to severe criticism and test by the most competent authorities before placing it on the market. He turned over a number of his escapes to the Chicago Fire Department with the single remark : “ Try them and pass judgment.” This was accordingly done by twelve of the fire captains and Chief Horan of…

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