Water in a Spheroidal Shape.

Issue 27 and Volume 1893 14.

Water in a Spheroidal Shape. A writer in Science states that while carrying on a piece of work recently which involved the use of a common Liebig condenser, it was noticed that where the stream of waste water fell into the water trough, the boltom of which was rough, small globules of water were formed, which darted out on all sides and ran on the surface of the water to the sides of the trough, eight or ten inches distant—frequently rebounding from the side and starting back, but soon disappearing. The globules varied in size from an eighth of an inch in diameter to very minute. Sometimes, while running along, they grad ually decreased in size until they disappeared, while others would disappear in an instant. In a few cases the size sud denly decreased to about one-half the original diameter, the globule then continuing on its course without further…

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