Issue 27 and Volume 1893 14.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS. Henry D. Purroy, in his remarks at the veteran firemen’s banquet last week, emphasized strongly the superiority of American to foreign fire departments. This is not a new revelation, nor is it properly a matter of national pride. Mr. Purroy gave the reason why American fire departments are better than those of Europe. It is because our methods of building are so dangerous that we have to devise superior methods of extinguishing fires. II New York had a fire department like that of Paris or London the chances are that the city would be destroyed within a year. Costly fire departments, high insurance rates, and, in spite of these, immense waste of property every year by fires, are the penalties of our inferior construction. Until within a few years there has been hardly an attempt at fireproof construction, or even at slowburning construction. Most of our buildings…

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