Annual Water Reports.

Issue 6 and Volume 1894 15.

Annual Water Reports. From the annual report of the Lowell, Mass., water board, it appears that the total charges for the year were $236,135.85, of which $215,679.92 was for water. The total expenditures, including $88,825 interest and principal payments, were $211,901.86. This does not include expenditures from the driven well fund, except $10,000 annual payment on that loan. The net receipts credited water-works were $204,238.96. The balance to credit of water-works Jan. 1 is $21,347.60. Balance to credit of driven well account, Jan. 1, is $46,128.68. A comprehensive review of the work upon the driven wel’s is given, from which it ap[>ears that the Cook Well Company is to receive in all $24,250 if it successfully supplies the city with 5,(XX?,000 gallons of water daily. Of this amount 25 per cent, is to be paid after temporary tests show a yield of 5,000,000 gallons every 24 hours. After wells are…

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