Issue 6 and Volume 1894 15.

FIRE NEWS Judge Ashman, in the Prothonotary Court of Philadelphia, on Tuesday, filed an adjudication of an account of the executors of the estate of William C. Jeanes, deceased. An interesting dispute arose over a $10,000 bequest intended by Mr. Jeanes for the Relief Fund of the Philadelphia Fire Department. The will of the testator contained bequests to various charities, all of which were paid except the one mentioned. The executors retained chargeof the $10,000 until the Court would pass upon the points raised, which were whether the Relief Association was the actual legatee and whether it was a charity. The legacy was given in the words: “ I give and bequeath to the Philadelphia Paid Fire Department Relief Association, $10,000.” The word “paid” made the trouble. The reason that it had to be determined whether the association was a charity was because the will was without subscribing witnesses, but…

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