Why Street Rebuilt Crewe.

Issue 10 and Volume 1894 15.

Why Street Rebuilt Crewe. When Crewe Hall was burned down, some years ago, Lord Crewe exhibited coolness equal to that displayed on a similar occasion by Sheridan. He ordered a table to be placed on the lawn, and, calling for ink and a telegraph form, wrote the following message to Mr. Street, R. A.: “Dear Street: Crewe is burning. Come and build it up again.” In accordance with his instructions, the minutest details of the hall, a fine old Elizabethan structure, were carefully reproduced. The Waterous Engine Works Co., of St. Paul, Minn., has just issue a handsome hanger showing a variety of apparatus made by the company. It has also just issued a catalogue that contains much valuable and interesting reading, and both may be had for the asking.

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