Rome’s Bountiful Water Supply.

Issue 10 and Volume 1894 15.

Rome’s Bountiful Water Supply. ROF. Burton took the sanitary system of ancient Rome for the subject of his lecture in the Rochester University Extension course the other evening. The water supply, the methods of draining the city, and the public baths were discussed in turn and furnished fruitful themes for extended discussion by the speaker. The lecture was illustrated with an admirable series ol views and was quite as interesting in its character as its predecessors. Prof. Burton said in brief: The question of the sanitary system of the old Romans may at first sight seem a commonplace and rather trivial one. Such is not the case, however. The Romans, we have seen, showed a remarkable degree of talent in political organization and likewise in gratifying the public desire for amusements. In a majority of ways the subjects of water supply, drainage and baths seem small and of little consequence…

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