The Loudest Noise Ever Heard on Earth.

Issue 10 and Volume 1894 15.

The Loudest Noise Ever Heard on Earth. No thunder from the skies was ever accompanied with a roar of such vehemence as that which issued from the throat of the great volcano in Krakatoa, an islet lying in the Straits of Sunda, between Sumatra and Java, at 10 o’clock on Monday morning, August 27, 1883. As that dreadful Sunday night wore on the noise increased in intensity and frequency. The explosions succeeded each other so rapidly that a continuous roar seemed to issue from the island. The critical moment was now approaching, and the outbreak was preparing for a majestic culmination. The people of Batavia did not sleep that night. Their windows quivered with the thunders from Krakatoa, which resounded like the discharge of artillery in their streets. Finally at 10 o’clock on Monday morning a stupendous convulsion took place which far transcended any of the shocks which had preceded…

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