Issue 11 and Volume 1894 15.

Patents. The, following list of patents granted Feb. 20, 1894, is expessly reported to this journal by F. B. Keefer, attorney in patent and trade mark matters, Loan and Trust Building, Washington, D. from whom copies may be obtained at twentyfive cents each; 515,106 fire escape, N. Bouvier & L. Belair, Montreal, Canada; 514,997, fire escape, F. Johnson, New London, Pa.; 514,955, fireproof structure, W. F. McCarthy, Chicago, Ill.; 515,278, hose bridge and tower, k. Blake and E. E. Begiebin, Union, N. J.; 515,503, fire alarm telegraph system, J. Sachs, New York, N. Y.; 515,460, chemical fire extinguisher, M. L. Bosworth, Warren, R. !.; 515,410, fire plug, II. Thomson, Kew, Victoria; 515,378, proportional water me ter, J. Thomson, Brooklyn, N. Y.; 515,726, rotary water meter, T. /.anger, Erie, I’enn. 513,444, Brick Machine, B. L. Simpson, Chicago, Ills.; 513,134, Electric Elevator, N. B. Otis, Yonkers, N. Y.; 513,069, Measuring Faucet, B.…

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