The Largest Valves Ever Made.

Issue 11 and Volume 1894 15.

The Largest Valves Ever Made. A valve of unusual size was shipped March 4, by the Ludlow valve Company, of Troy, N. Y., to Pittsburg, Penn. The valve is for a fifty-inch pipe, and is tested to withstand a pressure of 500 pounds to the square inch. It is the largest valve of that pressure ever made, and the heaviest straightway valve ever made, weighing about seventeen tons. Six teams of horses were required to draw the valve from the works to the railroad, and the work of loading was carried on with great difficulty. Six other valves of the same size are being made at the works, besides a large number of other valves of smaller sizes. All are to be used for the new Pittsburg water system, and the total contract for valves amounts to about $30,000. Each of the fifty-inch valves requires about six weeks’ time to…

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