Syracuse to Pension Its Firemen.

Issue 11 and Volume 1894 15.

Syracuse to Pension Its Firemen. Syracuse, N. Y., is to have a firemen’s pension fund, the matter being favorably considered by the legislature. Under the present city charter, the city treasurer is also the treasurer of the fire department. There is now in his hands to the credit of the firemen’s relief fund a balance of $12,000. This amount is the accumulation of a two per cent, tax on the premiums of policies written by foreign fire insurance companies and in force in this city, which tax the state law provides that the treasurer shall collect from the local agents of the several companies whose headquarters are outside the state of New York. From the vast amount of other work required of the city treasurer, it is said that it is difficult for proper attention to t e given to the matter of collecting this tax and much money clue…

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