The Dublin Brigade for 1893.

Issue 11 and Volume 1894 15.

The Dublin Brigade for 1893. Chief Thomas P. Purcell of the Dublin Fire Brigade, favors us with a copy of his 21st annual report. During 1893 the number of calls or alarms of fires in the city and its vicinity received were 376; of these, 9 were false, due to groundless fears or errors of judgment ; 8 were of a miscellaneous character, including 3 explosions, 3 fallen houses, from one of which a boy was rescued. Of the remaining alarms, 211 were chimney fires ; and 148 fires, of which 3 resulted in total destruction, 19 in serious damage (where more than one-tenth the property at risk was destroyed), and 126 where the damage was slight. There were 20 alarms and 24 fires more than the previous year ; but the serious fires show a decrease. The whole Brigade turned out to fires, with appliances, on 131 occasions, 85…

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