Issue 14 and Volume 1894 15.

MISCELLANEOUS Cassier’s Magazine for April contains the following admirable list of articles: “A California Mountain Cable Road,” with eleven illustrations, by Frank Van Vleck ; “The Electric Locomotive of To-day,” with six illustrations, by Geo. L. Clark; “The Best Method of Heating Street Cars,” by G. F. Greenwood ; “The First Systematic Attempt at Interchangeability in Firearms,” by W. F. Durfee; “Manual Training Schools,” by Prof C. M. Woodward ; “ Sampling and Testing Small Sizes of Anthracite Coal,” by Eckley B. Coxe ; “ American and Foreign locomotives,” by David L. Barnes ; “ The Engineer as an Expert Witness,” by M. M. Tidd ; “ Electric Canal Boat Propulsion,” by Joseph Sachs ; “ Electric Conduit Roads,” by Albert Stetson ; “A Mechanical Engineer’s Impressions at the World’s Fair,” by Geo. M. Dickie ; “Relative Engine and Dynamo Capacities,” by O. T. Crosby, and “Waste Energy,” by Geo.…

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