Automatic Fire Fighters.

Issue 22 and Volume 1894 15.

Automatic Fire Fighters. Stories of ludicrou incidents, often resulting disastrously, illustrate what some of the deficiencies are in the private fire service of some of the mills. Several years ago, when automatic sprinklers had not come into general use, all the sprinklers in a mill were operated by valves in the tower, or lacking a tower inside the mill near the main entrance. As a rule these valves were arranged in a row and there were no means of determining fromtheir appearance whether they were openor shut observes the Fall River News. Sometimes the valves opened to the right and sometimes to the left, and only two or three men about a mill knew which way they did open. In some mills part of the valves open to the right and part to the left. Each valve covered the sprinklers in a room, or in a portion of a room,…

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