Cleaning Reservoirs.

Issue 22 and Volume 1894 15.

Cleaning Reservoirs. The improved method of cleaning which has been provided in the construction of the reservoirs which supply Denver and Omaha with water is highly spoken of. The bottom of the reservoir is made to form several large pockets at the lowest points, in which are located blow-off-valves, and through these water or sediment of any description that may have collected, is discharged to any convenient point. The blow-off valves are of the disc pattern, and are operated from small hydraulic cylinders over them, the valve stems in each case being continuations of the piston rods worked from the cylinders. Water under pressure is supplied underneath ibe pistons by pipes running along the reservoir bed, and the cylinders and pistons are so proportioned for the available pressure that, when the water is admitted, the total pressure under the piston is sufficient to raise the blow-off valves from their seats…

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