Our London Letter.

Issue 22 and Volume 1894 15.

Our London Letter. (From Our Regular Correspondent.) To avoid being termed a sensational liner, scavenger, etc., which, by the way, is the fashion here now, I have waited for undeniable corroboration of the fire brigade scandal. At the last London council meeting, the fire brigade committee reported grave irregularities among the officers in connection with the supply of clothing and boots. It appears there was a “supplies board,” one of the engineers being “president.” These gentlemen passed all goods, such as boots, uniforms, etc., that were sent in by the contractor. Now, if a chum wanted a suit, or pants, etc., in lieu of uniform, the president and board seem to have arranged it very nicely, as it is stated that in all cases the value of the private clothing was in excess of the uniform that should have been supplied. One superintendent, less selfish than the others, went in…

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