Overheated Electric Globes.

Issue 22 and Volume 1894 15.

Overheated Electric Globes. A fire occurred in the business portion of Victoria, B. C., on the 5th inst. Fortunately the loss was only $15,000, and the records would show the origin “unknown,” but for experiments made after the fire was extinguished. In the upper story of a dry goods house several 32-candle power incandescent lights were installed. One of the lights was connected with a long insulated wire and several feet of spare wire allowed the moving of the light from one portion of the room to another. Through ignorance, or carelessness, the globe was laid on a pile of goods. The fire occurred shortly after the light was turned on at the power house, which goes to prove that the globe was placed on the goods during the day. The tests were made in the room where the fire originated and were reported in the Victoria Times as follows:…

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