The Croton is all right.

Issue 23 and Volume 1894 15.

The Croton is all right. Sanitary Superintendent Roberts has made a report to the Board of Health of New York, giving the result of the chemical analysis and bacteriological examination of water taken from Sodom reservoir, in the Croton watershed, and Haines’s pond, in which large numbers of dead suckers were found. Inspector Wood of the Public Works department, had reported that the fish were killed by a strange growth around the gills, resembling diphtheritic membrane, and he feared that the water in the pond which empties into Sodom reservoir was contaminated. The analysis and examination failed to reveal the presence of anything that would pollute the city’s drinking water. No nitrates or phosphates which indicate impurity were found, while of free ammonia the percentage was small. No bacteria was found. It was found that the dead suckers had died from an ordinary cause, probably the sudden change of the…

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