Norway Was All Right.

Issue 23 and Volume 1894 15.

Norway Was All Right. To the Editor: Having noticed in all the papers which reported the Norway, Me., fire, that “the town being handicapped by the lack of a fire department,” etc., etc., was the cause of its destruction. I desire through your valuable paper to deny the statement, having about three weeks previous to the fire reported upon the situation of that town. It has, or did have, as good fire protection as any village of its size could expect to support and maintain, to wit Three hose wagons, carrrying 400 to 500 feet of cotton hose on each, drawn by hand, and one hook and ladder company with a truck well equipped. This, with very good water works, and thirty-four double fire hydrants, supplied from a ten-inch main on Main street, with a pressure of ninety pounds. The situation on the south side of Main street was very…

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