Issue 24 and Volume 1894 15.

WELLS On May 22 the contractors boring the artesian well for Dub lin, Ga., were made happy by the successful termination of their labors. A flow of ten gallons per minute was secured at a depth of 207 feet, and the contractors say that the well will pump a hundred gallons per minute. The water is perfectly clear, and is more pleasant to the taste than artesian water through this section usually is. It has not yet been analyzed. The city proposes to put in a duplex pump and supply a water works system with artesian water. The season of the year is fast approaching when the river at Montgomery, Ala., has to be resorted to for a portion of the water supply for the city, if it has not been drawn on to a greater or less extent all the while. It is not believed that enough artesian water…

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