Fire Bells and other Bells.

Issue 24 and Volume 1894 15.

Fire Bells and other Bells. Some facts and statistics concerning the big bells of the world afford interesting reading. In the size and number of its bells Russia must be accorded first place. Moscow alone had 1,706 large bells before the great conflagration. Of these, the foremost was the Bolshoi (Giant), cast in the sixteenth century, and recast in 1854, when broken by falling from its supports. Its weight was estimated at 288,000 pounds, and it took twenty-four men to ring it by pulling the clapper. It was broken again when it fell during a fire in 1706, and its fragments were used in 1730 in casting the Tsar Kolokol (King of Bells), still one of the sights of the old Muscovite capital. It is 19K feet high and 60K feet round, and its weight is estimated at 443,772 pounds, the value of its metal being placed at $335,000. Tradition…

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