Growth of Fire Loss in Canada.

Issue 24 and Volume 1894 15.

Growth of Fire Loss in Canada. The steady increase in the fire losses of Canada, during the past five years, from $2,767,320, or 49 per cent, of the premium income in 1889, to $4,802,692,or nearly 72 per cent, in 1893, is a subject for very serious thought, riot only for the companies but for the community at large. Had the increase been a sudden one, it might have been attributed to the fortuitious occurrence of a large number of fires during one particular year that might be compensated for by an equally abnormal decrease during its successors. But it was not. On the contrary the percentage of fire losses to income, has grown steadily at an average of about 1/2 per cent, per annum as the following table shows: This increase of over two million dollars,’ or nearly 74 per cent, in the fire waste of Canada during the past…

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