Wonderful Water Power.

Issue 24 and Volume 1894 15.

Wonderful Water Power. The recent test in harness of a small portion of the force of Niagara Falls marks the realization of an old dream in engineering. The recently completed tunnel is horseshoe-shaped, being 18 feet 10 inches at the widest part and 14 feet 5 inches at the bottom. When used to its full capacity, this vaulted flume has 500,000 cubic feet of water passing through it per minute, or a weight of over 15,600 tons. The water that rushes down the penstocks turns turbine wheels, each of which sends up to the surface 5,000 horse power, and the tunnel has a capacity of force, it is claimed, amounting to 30 times this amount. Hut this is a mere handful of the force represented in this colossal fall in the Niagara river. The grand total exceedsa horse power of over 4,000,000 or more power than is developed by all…

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