Can it be Controlled?

Issue 24 and Volume 1894 15.

Can it be Controlled? WILLIAM GRAFTBY. Fire Marshal Lewis of Brooklyn agrees in his report that the fire which destroyed the handsome Brooklyn Tabernacle had its origin from an electric wire in the organ. This recalls the fact the Tabernacle is not the only church destroyed by this agency. Recently a Roman Catholic Church in Morrisania, and just a little before the Tremont Temple in Boston, were burned out, the origin of the fire in each instance being traced to the organ. Although electricity has scarcely yet taken its place as a function in music, or a power in the distribution of harmony, it serves useful mechanical purposes in connection with instrumental music. The Tabernacle fire seems to have resolved its origin down to the “ resistance box ” of the organ, as it is called. That box regulates the wind that blows the organ bellows. Here its usefulness ceases,…

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