Water Works Statistics.

Issue 24 and Volume 1894 15.

Water Works Statistics. It is almost incredible that the water works supplying the cities and towns of the United States should represent an investment of $430,000,000, or nearly one-tenth as much as is invested in railroads. The miles of water mains in New England are nearly equal to the miles of railways. There are only 68 water works in eight Southern States, while the total number of cities and towns in the whole country supplied with water works is about 1,700. Probably two-thirds of the supply is furnished by the municipalities, and the balance relies on corporate enterprise. The daily consumption per head in London is only 31 gallons, Paris 36, and Hamburg 46. Pittsburgh and Allegheny claim to furnish over 130 gallons to each man, woman and child. Consumption of water is constantly increasing in American cities. Brooklyn and Washington in 20 years increased more than 50 per cent.;…

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