Improving the Fire Engine.

Issue 29 and Volume 1894 15.

Improving the Fire Engine. A correspondent in the American Machinist writes as follows Permit me to add a few words to what has been recently said on the subject of improving the fire engine. The electric system suggested by Mr. J. Neuert, in your issue of May 24th, seems to be feasible enough. The most serious objection to it would probably be that electric connections are so frequently interrupted when a conflagration is going on. I have but little faith in the use of compressed air for fire service, especially as a substitute for horses, and therefore think that Mr. Frank Richards’ first impressions, as stated in your last issue, were the best. I cannot see how an engine such as he describes. with an air receiver of sufficient capacity and strength to furnish the requisite power, could be made with less than half the weight of an ordinary steam…

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