Boston’s Fire Engine Tests.

Issue 29 and Volume 1894 15.

Boston’s Fire Engine Tests. WM. JACKSON, CITY ENGINEER. PART III. Engine No. 7. MALCULATED capacity at 300 revolutions per minute 691 gallons. Tested October 19, 1893. The engine was started at 1:26-20 P. M. and run until 2 p. M. with a steam pres. sure of 51 lbs., water pres_ sure at the engine 98.4 lbs , using two 400-foot lines of hose with 1 1/8 inch nozzles. The steam pressure was then raised to 70 lbs., and with the same conditions of hose and nozzles for 19 minutes the water pressure at the engine was 124.2 lbs., and at the nozzles 57 lbs. A 1 % inch nozzle was substituted on one line, and during a period of 24 minutes, with steam at 65.2 lbs., the water pressure was 119.6 lbs. at the engine and the discharge was 581 gallons per minute. The steam pressure was then raised to…

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