Fires in Small Towns.

Issue 29 and Volume 1894 15.

Fires in Small Towns. The fire losses in towns and villages, especially on the Pacific Coast, calls forth the following comments from the Chief of the capital city of British Columbia: In 1886 Victoria disbanded the volunteer fire department. Paid firemen, with horses and modern appliances, replaced the old hand engines. This appeared to be a good move and insurance men appreciated the change. Losses averaged $25,000 yearly during the past seven years, while the loss during the last year of the volunteer department amounted to $100,000. We had, and still retain, two hand engines. They are “ curios,” and it is wonderful how neighboring towns bid for them after conflagrations. It takes a few days to answer, and, in every case, we make a fair offer. Then the excitement dies off and we hear no more of the fire brigade, After a few weeks another fire occurs in some…

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