Fire Service at Theatres.

Issue 29 and Volume 1894 15.

Fire Service at Theatres. A THEATRE should have an abundant and never-failing supply of water for fire extinguishing purposes, and there should be plenty of fire extinguishing appliances always kept in readiness and free from encumbrances. First, as regards the main in front of the theatre: This should be, if possible, an eight or ten inch main, and where the city water system has different pressure zones, the main should be connected with the high pressure service. There should be, for outside protection, several large post hydrants distributed around the sides of the theatres. The size of the service-main supplying the theatre should be, at least, six inches, it attainable, and four inches should be the minimum size. It is still better to run two mains into the building from opposite streets, and to cross-connect the same in the building so as to be sure of an ample supply at…

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