Steel Pipes For Sewers.

Issue 29 and Volume 1894 15.

Steel Pipes For Sewers. An engineer suggests that sewers of riveted steel pipe, coated with pure asphalt or other suitable compound, are in every way adapted to their purpose. It is claimed that for large sewers this pipe is cheaper than brick, lasts longer and will not cave in. An engineering paper by way of comment on this suggestion, says that before any city adopts steel pipes for sewers it must settle the question whether the sewage carries a sufficient amount of acid or alkaline matter to cause corrosion, and whether the steel could be so protected as to prevent corrosion. Another question to be considered would be the relative cost of steel and iron pipe. Both steel and iron can now be bought at marvelously low figures, and the difference in their cost is less than ever before. Most sewer work is done in streets that are fairly accessible,…

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