Issue 30 and Volume 1894 15.

WELLS John Connor, of Pittsburg, Pa., has just finished drilling six wells for the City Home and Hospital. He has two more to drill for the same institution. A flowing well was struck on the Wheeler farm south of Sioux City, Ia., making the fifth in the county. An artesian well is being sunk at Thorn, Wis. A strong flow of water has been struck at thirty-two feet. It has been decided by the authorities of Tyndal, S. D., to sink a second artesian well in that town. A contract for an 8inch well has already been drawn up and is ready to be signed when the required amount ($5,000) has been raised. Four thousand dollars worth of city warrants have already been sold and the disposal of the remaining $1,000 is practically assured, so that the second well is a sure thing.

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