Boston’s Fire Engine Tests.

Issue 30 and Volume 1894 15.

Boston’s Fire Engine Tests. PART IV. Test, of the Water Tower. November 17 a test of the Hale Water-Tower was made, water being supplied to the tower by Engines 15, 43 and Relief D. Water pres, sures were taken at the steamers, at piezometers attached to the hose con” nections on the tower, at a gauge connected with the supply pipe at the base of the tower and at the nozzle. In order to make the nozzle gauge accessible for taking the pressures, the tower was not raised, and in actual service the pressures at the base of the tower and at the steamers would be from 20 pounds more than the figures given in the tables in order to obtain the same effective pressures at the nozzle. The trial developed the fact that there was a great loss of pressure due to the friction through the 3-inch hose between…

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