Ruins of a Water Works.

Issue 31 and Volume 1894 15.

Ruins of a Water Works. An abandoned reservoir intended originally for a distributing reservoir for the city of Rochester, N. Y., is fast passing into utter decay. Of this landmark Engineer J. Nelson Tubbs some time ago wrote an interesting story. Mr. Tubbs was in charge of the water works department as chief engineer when the first conduit to Hemlock Lake was laid, and he was thoroughly familiar with the history of all the water works schemes that came to the surface before the conduit was laid to Hemlock lake. The abandoned reservoir on the Henrietta road is now nothing but a cattle pond. The other day two reporters went over to the crumbling stone tower that stands in the centre of the inclosure, climbed to its top and peered into its dark depths. This tower is circular in form, of masonry, and is about 15 feet high. The water…

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