Issue 54 and Volume 1894 15.

Fire. HARK!—There’s a cry of fire in the crowded street, There’s a crimson light in the sky, A shout of men. a tramp of feet, A roll of wheels, the firemen fly by. FIRE!—Clear the way; in general strife Race on; the flames rise higher; No hope within, when smoke is rife And mother and father and children who gasp for life; The house is ringed with fire. HELP 1—Hear again that despairing cry. As the fierce ruby flames gleam bright. With leather helmets, mounting high, The ladders placed, the windows nigh Where five poor souls swoon with fright. Hush!—See where those brave heroes are, On the tottering fire-flaked wall; They gain the sill and force their way To where the frightened mother and children lay, With roof about to fall. Saved!—And at last in the fresh cool air. The woman and children are laid; And shouts ring for those…

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