Montreal Water Works.

Issue 54 and Volume 1894 15.

Montreal Water Works. ADOLPHE DAVIS, M. AND C. E. THE water works of Montreal were constructed in 1856. Since that time additions and improvements have been made which now place it in the first rank of the systems of the country. The city has a population of 225,000, and the consumption of water per capita is nearly eighty-two gallons. The source of supply is the St. Lawrence river, the intake being about five miles above the city proper. The water is taken through art open aqueduct and pumped by steam and water power into a reservoir. The low level service and aqueduct, with two breast ^ wheels, running six single acting pumps with • a combined capacity of 40.000,000 gallons per day, were constructed first. A twenty-four inch raising main was laid to convey the water to the Me I avish reservoir, which was constructed at that time to hold…

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