Issue 54 and Volume 1894 15.

FIRE NEWS Milwaukee’s fire department and fire patrol service is being materially improved The new fire boat is about ready to begin work, and to facilitate its use the business district is being piped in all directions from the river. When too far from the seat of the fire the apparatus will simply be connected with one of these pipes. A new company for salvage purposes has been established, and has already done good work. The hardships and risks of a fireman’s life were painfully demonstrated during the burning of the Bloomfield. N . J., car stables, when several men were injured anil narrowly escaped death in the flames. Elmer Gardner, of No. 4 engine, Newark, had his foot crushed, and will be crippled for some time. Daniel Donovan, of the same company, had a narrow escape from being crushed to death under a falling cupola. His hip was dislocated,…

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