Philadelphia Firemen Killed.

Issue 54 and Volume 1894 15.

Philadelphia Firemen Killed. A tack dropped in a picker machine caused a seventy-thousand-dollar fire August 2 in the four story mill at Randolph and Jefferson streets, Philadelphia. Two firemen were killed and seven injured by a falling floor. The firemen killed were George Geissell, hoseman. and George W. Dickel, truckman. The injured firemen were Joseph Burns, Martin Casey, William Cappint, John Kelly, William Lumpf, James McGarry, and Samuel Cook, fore man. None of those injured will die, but thev have severe bruises and contusions. There were about forty men and women at work in the carpet cleaning works on the second floor and the third and fourth floors, occupied by Cronin & Co., when the fire broke out. As the smoke began to make its way through the floorings, and to fill the rooms, a panic ensued among the men and women at work, and for a few moments there…

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