Old “Big Six” Engine.

Issue 54 and Volume 1894 15.

Old “Big Six” Engine. THE volunteer fireman of the city of New York was a man, who, day and night, and without pay, was on the alert for an opportunity to imperil his life in saving the lives and property of his fellow citizens. Conspicuous among grand engine companies that were always in the van in fidelity to this noble principle, was the company known as Big Six. This famous company was organized on January I, 1849, under the inspiration of “Boss” William M. Tweed. Its foreman was David M. Smith, and its headquarters were at the corner of Henry and Gouverneur streets. Smith was succeeded by Tweed as foreman, then came Robert Brown, Alfred Palmer, Hen Close, Richard Kimmens, Billy Dunnelly and others, in the order named. Under each of these Big Six performed many deeds of heroism and valor. Its last foreman was Tony Burke. The march of…

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