Issue 54 and Volume 1894 15.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENT OF HONOLULU. ANY miles away in the Pacific Ocean, some 3,000 from San Francisco, is a cluster of notable islands, known as the Hawaiian group. Twice or three times each month steamers sail between its ports and those of California, and to the growing commercial relations existing between these countries, there has for some four months been added a political solicitude on our part, that has awakened the very liveliest interest in the islands, but particularly in Honolulu. Honolulu is the principal city of the group, and has about 23,000 inhabitants, made up of native Kanakas, Japanese, Chinese, Americans and other nationalities. Whatever of progress that has characterized the islands is due entirely to American enterprise, wealth and pluck. But no amount of perseverance could withstand the prodigal and criminal extravagance of the rules of these people, and after several uprisings and modifications of constitutions, a radical…

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