The Failure of Puddle.

Issue 33 and Volume 1894 15.

The Failure of Puddle. An incident has occurred on the extension of the water works of Brooklyn, N. Y., which teaches an important lesson to contractors and hydraulic engineers. It is the failure of a 400,000,000 gallon reservoir to hold water. The reservoir has been built a few miles from the city according to plans prepared by the veteran ex-city engineer of Brooklyn, Robert Van Buren, and approved by two of the leading engineers of the country. Its bottom covers an era of forty-four acres, and its sides are earth embankments. The entire interior is lined with puddle, and the failure of the reservoir teaches an important lesson on the subject of this material. Trautwine defines puddle as “earth well rammed into a trench, etc., to prevent leaking,” a definition which is as vague as the usual understanding of the term. The expression probably sprang from the custom of sprinkling…

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