Electricity as a Fire Hazard.—VI.

Issue 33 and Volume 1894 15.

Electricity as a Fire Hazard.—VI. The dangers attending the intimate contact with conducting material of both wires of even a low pressure system, such as is usually employed to directly supply incandescent lamps, were intensified when both gas and e’ectricity were used in the same fixture, or so arranged that gas unde, pressure was always present in the main pipe or stem, and electrical tension was always on the wires. While each worked perfectly and independently while under control, there was always great danger that either would, if it escaped from that control, immediately proceed to liberate the other. The gas would at once begin to disintegrate the insulating covering of the wire; the electricity would heat and melt the pipe and set free the gas; with both at liberty there was almost a certainty of fire. All sorts of clumsy attempts were made to hold the wires at a…

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