Issue 33 and Volume 1894 15.

FIRE AND WATER AY CITY, Mich., has recently been fanned by a wave of reform that played more or less havoc with the Fire Department of that city. To enforce discipline and temperance among the men, the politicians made a sweep that relegated a number of the force to private life and obscurity. What is creating the hubbub is the fact that the vacancies were filled by men purely on the score of politics, and whose proclivities are no more vouched for than the unfortunates who were displaced. There appears to be considerable of a muss ahead, and if the Department is to benefit by it all, the rumpus cannot come any too soon. ^T’HE recently issued report of City Engineer Cappelen, of the Minneapolis water system is perhaps the most complete examination ever made of the subject. The investigation was predicated upon the fact that the present water Supply…

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