Water and Electricity on Tap.

Issue 33 and Volume 1894 15.

Water and Electricity on Tap. Harry Kotschinosky, a tailor, his family, and assistants live in a house on Bond street, Baltimore, Md., which since Saturday has been so full of electricity that the occupants have decided that the habitation is not a safe one. Saturday night, just as Mrs. Kotschinosky was about to use an iron wash basin she touched a spigot. A blue blaze shot out and at the same moment she received a shock that nearly paralyzed her. When she recovered the use of hei limbs she hurried down stairs, where she found the other inmates hurrying out of their rooms. Flames were shooting from water pipfes all over the house. The display lasted only a short time and then stopped. No more trouble was experienced until Sunday afternoon, when the same thing occurred. It was then decided to call in a plumber to turn off the water,…

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