Issue 33 and Volume 1894 15.

WATER SUPPLY The Massachusetts State Board of Health, acting under authority given by the legislature, is now investigating the matter of a metropolitan water supply for Boston and the region ten miles around,—of course, including Somerville. The report of the Board will not be made until the next legislature comes in. In a general way. however, it is understood that the Board intends to utilize the present supply of cities within the district so far as possible; supplementing this with an additional supply drawn from the Nashua river at Clinton. When these supplies are exhausted, it is proposed to go still farther west and bring a supply from the Ware river. The connection between the Ware and Nashua rivers is to be by a tunnel in rock. F rom the Nashua river the supply is to be brought by tunnel and conduit to storage basin No. 5 of the Boston…

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