The Proposed Nile Reservoir.

Issue 36 and Volume 1894 15.

The Proposed Nile Reservoir. A memorial has recently been forwarded from the Society for the Preservation of the Monuments of Ancient Egypt to Nubar Pasha, in which it is stated the Technical Commission has recommended the construction of a reservoir dam at Assouan which will submerge the largest and most important parts of Nubia and ruin the temples of Daboud, Gertasseh, Tafeh, Kalabsheh, Dakkeh, and Aff-ed-Donieh, as well as the towns, cemeteries, and other remains of this region, besides leading to the removal or ruin of the various temples of Phike, which are some of the most beautiful monuments in Egypt. The society expresses its deep regret at the recommended reconstruction of a reservoir at Assouan which will cause such results, so unhappy for science and art, and ask that some other project will be considered in order to reconcile the interests of agriculture with those of art, history and…

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