Firemen and Underwriters.

Issue 36 and Volume 1894 15.

Firemen and Underwriters. J. C. Staples, Chief of the Fire Department of Harrisonburg, Va., in addressing the Virginia State Foremen’s Association on the subject of the heavy fire losses to insurance companies last year, discussed the relations between firemen and underwriters as follows : Let me ask what has caused these losses? Let me answer, and the truth of that answer is beyond dispute, the frequent large conflagrations that have visited and devastated the property of our State. What caused these conflagrations? Was it because of the unsuccessful attempt of business men who thought it more profitable to sell out to an insurance company, than to continue business ? I have no doubt but that some of you think so, and doubtless you are correct in many instances; but the serious question that now confronts and agitates the minds of the underwriters is, how to overcome this growing evil. Are…

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