Issue 36 and Volume 1894 15.

WATER SUPPLY The polluted Passaic that is the source of supply for Jersey City and surrounding towns, is again the subject of a great deal of talk this year. A better supply is absolutely necessary, and scores of indignation and other meetings have been held condemning the water and demanding a better service and supply. Dr. Scudder at one of these meetings said : “Jersey City wants water that is fit to drink. It wants a beverage, rather than an emetic. It has been quaffing diluted sewage long enough. The disagreeable odor, slimy sediment, and bilious color of our daily drink have aroused popular indignation and outcry.” Wyandotte, Midi., is laying two miles of water pipe. Joseph A. Beecher, for the Boonton, N. J. .Water Company, appeared before Judge I.ippincott in the Supreme Court and requested that commissioners be appointed to condemn the land of William Kavhart and John G.…

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