Water for Irrigation.

Issue 36 and Volume 1894 15.

Water for Irrigation. A letter from W. C. Hutchinson of Wichita, Kan., gives a curious and interesting theory about the flow of water in the Arkansas river. Mr. Hutchinson holds the opinion that the withdrawal of the water from the river in Western Kansas and Colorado will only temporarily check the flow of the stream, and will eventually result in a greater current than ever between its banks. The water passing out of the river into the ditches and furrows has soaked into the earth. There new underground yeins have been formed. These percolate slowly forming new springs and evaporating surfaces. The whole retained body of w’ater seeks to return by the same general way to ti e sea, at a much slower speed. It is not only retarded, but it is greatly devoured by the thirsty air and earth. Yet the constantly accumulating head from the sea each season…

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